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Time Magazine : Godzilla ManHunt by ultimategodzilla Time Magazine : Godzilla ManHunt :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 3 0 pic of goji i found..evidence of Photoshop aparent by ultimategodzilla pic of goji i found..evidence of Photoshop aparent :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 2 0 Mechagodzilla 3,Advance Weapon of the Soviet Union by ultimategodzilla Mechagodzilla 3,Advance Weapon of the Soviet Union :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 4 0 Sunday Echo: Godzilla Disaster of 1989 by ultimategodzilla Sunday Echo: Godzilla Disaster of 1989 :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 2 0 Godzilla on Times Magazine by ultimategodzilla Godzilla on Times Magazine :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 7 2 Godzilla Bloodline Poster by ultimategodzilla Godzilla Bloodline Poster :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 24 0 Gojira vs jdf wallpaper by ultimategodzilla Gojira vs jdf wallpaper :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 0 0 Godzilla Vs Hindenburg by ultimategodzilla
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Godzilla Vs Hindenburg :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 2 1
Biollante costume in the making. by ultimategodzilla Biollante costume in the making. :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 3 0 Images (7) by ultimategodzilla Images (7) :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 2 0 Kajiu graveyard, more corpsee by ultimategodzilla Kajiu graveyard, more corpsee :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 4 1 Godzilla Corpse  Kajiu graveyard by ultimategodzilla Godzilla Corpse Kajiu graveyard :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 3 1 kajiu suit graveyard by ultimategodzilla kajiu suit graveyard :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 6 4 THIS NEEDS TO BE A T SHIRT by ultimategodzilla THIS NEEDS TO BE A T SHIRT :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 1 0 Godzilla ps3: Godzilla 2014 vs king ghidoiha by ultimategodzilla Godzilla ps3: Godzilla 2014 vs king ghidoiha :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 3 0 Ultimate Godzilla comic icon by ultimategodzilla Ultimate Godzilla comic icon :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 0 0


Mechagodzilla 3,Advance Weapon of the Soviet Union
Мехагодзилла заранее супер оружие Советского Союза

after the event of Terror of Mechagodzilla, Interpol raided Dr. Mafune's Lab along with the remains of the alien base.Upon securing the site, Interpol finds the schematics and Blue prints to the construction of Mecha Godzilla, with this knowledge, The Japanese government ordered the findings to be put into secrecy.there the plans would be secure till 1978,when Soviet spies infiltrated Interpol to cover up Soviet Activities near Hokkaido, By mistake they come across the Blue prints to MechaGodzilla and copied all they found and returned to Moscow where the Soviet Premiere ordered the construction of a new and more powerful Weapon. the World was told of the event when a British agent found documents pertaining the the construction of the mech and the entire NATO Salience was called for an Emergency meeting. in 1980 Mechagodzilla 3 was complete and was announced as the Soviet response to Kajiu Aggression.

This MechaGodzilla is vastly different from its two Alien Counterparts, while losing its alien technological advantages,it makes up for in Soviet Ingenuity.instead of being self conscious , Mechagodzilla 3 is piloted by an operator inside the robot.powering the robot is a huge Nuclear reactor with powerful anti radiation paint to seal any leaks. With Advance in Laser Tech, more Eye beam tech was added, along with night vision for the mechagodzilla operator. finger missiles are present but have been given more powerful payload. a flame thrower system has a hose leading from the oxygen tank and combustion fluid to the mouth, replicating Godzilla's Atomic Breath. Unlike the past mechaGodzilla's, Mechagodzilla is also designed with space flight in mind allowing the Mech to utilize the earths orbit and gravity as an advantage,going from one place to another in a much shorter distance. Lastly,The Soviets installed Speakers into the mouth allowing the Soviet Union's National Anthem to play in events in Red Square. along with that he has the ability to salute the Premier of the Soviet Union.

i was thinking of making a comic series on Davient art.

here are the ideas below

 Ultimate Godzilla- a spinoff of Marvels Ultimate universe but close to the Toho formula but most Characters have a different orgin story but the important parts of there stories will remain, there will be Orginal monsters that i created in the series. i made a book of every issue design and i might post it here some day.

Godzilla:The Rise - a Graphic Noval addaptation of ZandDmovies Godzilla fanfilm series. The series is based off True,scary, and dark events that happened in this world.mass riots,civil wars, revolutions, economic decline,greed,a crumbiling socity,terrorism,panic, mass genosuide, and much more. all this world need now is a godzilla to rise. and to put humanity on its knees and slaughter millions in a Holocaust of flames.....sounds scary but becuase 95% of what i mentioned is happening to this planet. the other 5% is Godzilla and he is a fictional charater.

Skullface- my own Slasher series. like the 80s horror movies. basicly this guy get killed and comes back alive as a intelligent killer scaring people when they find he basicly invincible to kill,all thanks to a a curse during the Bubonic Plauge.

The heros- a good old classic superhero comic series like Spiderman,superman,Batman,Captian America, you get the idea. its about the US who forms a team of mutants to fight crime,terrorism,and spys,however they might need to fight there personal lifes and backstorys,fears,and nightmares of themselfs.

any ideas you guys. im open to anything!


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