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Rebirth of Godzilla 1978 fan poster by ultimategodzilla Rebirth of Godzilla 1978 fan poster :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 5 0 Godzilla VS Diamajin poster. by ultimategodzilla Godzilla VS Diamajin poster. :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 3 0 Godzilla Bloodline by ultimategodzilla Godzilla Bloodline :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 7 0 Time Magazine : Godzilla ManHunt by ultimategodzilla Time Magazine : Godzilla ManHunt :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 3 0 pic of goji i found..evidence of Photoshop aparent by ultimategodzilla pic of goji i found..evidence of Photoshop aparent :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 4 0 Mechagodzilla 3,Advance Weapon of the Soviet Union by ultimategodzilla Mechagodzilla 3,Advance Weapon of the Soviet Union :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 10 0 Sunday Echo: Godzilla Disaster of 1989 by ultimategodzilla Sunday Echo: Godzilla Disaster of 1989 :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 2 0 Godzilla on Times Magazine by ultimategodzilla Godzilla on Times Magazine :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 7 2 Godzilla Bloodline Poster by ultimategodzilla Godzilla Bloodline Poster :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 24 0 Gojira vs jdf wallpaper by ultimategodzilla Gojira vs jdf wallpaper :iconultimategodzilla:ultimategodzilla 0 0 Godzilla Vs Hindenburg by ultimategodzilla
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Rebirth of Godzilla 1978 fan poster
trailer :…

in 1978 toho considered remaking the 1954 gojira. though the project was never made.this gave me an idea of a "what if " situation of making a fan trailer of what it could of been like
Godzilla VS Diamajin poster.…

plot:In the not so distant future in the Philippine Sea,a factory was built on an island with a long and violent history during Feudal Japan,the islanders talk about a spirit that lives in the rocks of the island.not only that,the islands military discover Godzilla on a near by island and attack him,now with Godzilla closing in toward the factory,the islanders reawake the spirits to become Diamajin.themilitary and islanders will rely on Diamajin to defend them.

this is a sequal to the rebirth of Godzilla trailer(1978)
Godzilla Bloodline
this is the project im currently in pre production for. from this as you can tell will Have Gigan and Headorah in this film. and one things i want to mention also is that its a what if scenario that continues the Godzilla Heisei Series with Godzilla Jr as the New Godzilla. I know Trendmasters figure line was inspired by the Heisei series with there figure designs and knowing that Gigan too was among them made me wish that he was in the series if it continued. the poster is meant to mimic the poster arts for past Heisei Godzilla Films from G84 to Destroyah. while plot wise i cant give out what i have scripted other than its more of a redemption tale. 

i was thinking of making a comic series on Davient art.

here are the ideas below

 Ultimate Godzilla- a spinoff of Marvels Ultimate universe but close to the Toho formula but most Characters have a different orgin story but the important parts of there stories will remain, there will be Orginal monsters that i created in the series. i made a book of every issue design and i might post it here some day.

Godzilla:The Rise - a Graphic Noval addaptation of ZandDmovies Godzilla fanfilm series. The series is based off True,scary, and dark events that happened in this world.mass riots,civil wars, revolutions, economic decline,greed,a crumbiling socity,terrorism,panic, mass genosuide, and much more. all this world need now is a godzilla to rise. and to put humanity on its knees and slaughter millions in a Holocaust of flames.....sounds scary but becuase 95% of what i mentioned is happening to this planet. the other 5% is Godzilla and he is a fictional charater.

Skullface- my own Slasher series. like the 80s horror movies. basicly this guy get killed and comes back alive as a intelligent killer scaring people when they find he basicly invincible to kill,all thanks to a a curse during the Bubonic Plauge.

The heros- a good old classic superhero comic series like Spiderman,superman,Batman,Captian America, you get the idea. its about the US who forms a team of mutants to fight crime,terrorism,and spys,however they might need to fight there personal lifes and backstorys,fears,and nightmares of themselfs.

any ideas you guys. im open to anything!


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creater of Godzilla Remastered!



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